CAVAL-Devine Sand_Unisex.jpg
Left ones and right ones.


Sometimes we come across stunning brands and makers who capture our heart immediately. Weather sustainable, unique or with a great story, CAVAL has it all. It’s about the encounter of two sneakers: the right and left ones. After all, we have two different feet, why wear two identical shoes?

CAVAL sneakers are unmatched with the combination of a unique design and the best European manufacturing know-how. They are entirely handmade in Europe.

The leather comes from Lombardy in Italy, the manufacturing is carried out in Guimarães in Portugal, and the design and logistics are carried out in France. The laces of the CAVAL sneakers are woven in GOTS certified organic cotton and the soles are made of 40% recycled rubber.

“Life is much more exciting when you get off the beaten track. We just dream of a world that celebrates difference.” At Mint & Molly, we couldn’t agree more.