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Handcrafted cozy homeware.


After realising how stressful life can be, Founder Leaira Redondo has made it her goal to be cozy as much as possible. After leaving Maryland at 18, Leaira studied Archaeology and Anthropology in Edinburgh, Scotland. She continued her education in London where she earned a master’s degree in Public Archaeology and later worked at the Melbourne Museum in Australia. Because she was often travelling alone, creating a cozy space to come home to helped her feel at ease. She would create a space that was comforting both physically and mentally. Now living and working in Amsterdam, Leaira has made it her new goal to help everyone create a peaceful home so that they too can feel at ease.

"We understand that one's environment significantly impacts how they feel. When you walk into your home, or any personal space that's your own, you should be able to leave behind the stresses of life. We design our homewares to bring the calming effects of nature into your home so you can achieve peace of mind in a naturally cozy sanctuary."

We curate independent makers and brands we admire from all over the world to elevate everyday life. Handpicked with love 

for simplicity, design, honesty and craftsmanship.

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