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Soap bars

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Organic Dutch soap bars.


Het Zeeplokaal originated from the love for pure ingredients without fuss or frills. Owner Thijske had been working for some time on using less plastic, reusing more and buying second-hand, but was actually not really aware of what an average shampoo or shower gel contained. Until she got a red rash from a hastily swallowed budget shower gel. On closer examination, it turned out to be a whole list of ingredients, including aggressive foam improvers. This was very far from her love for natural and handmade products and she thought that had to be different.

In January 2017 she made soap for the first time… In a cake tin. The cake tin has now been exchanged for more convenient utensils. Dozens of molds are daily filled with saponified vegetable oils, creating beautiful soap loaves. These soap loaves are then cut into the soap blocks, as you know them from Het Zeeplokaal.

Every soap that is made for you has as a starting point to be wonderfully caring and good for mother nature. Every soap from the Zeeplokaal is vegetable and therefore 100% vegan friendly! All soaps are free from sulfates such as SLS and SLES.

Het Zeeplokaal chooses not to use palm oil because of the negative impact of the palm oil industry on animals and nature. The brand works with organic ingredients as much as possible. In short: handmade soap, made locally. 

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