Poppy + Sage


Handmade by artisans, giving back to the community.


Poppy + Sage is a sustainable fashion brand with a focus on delivering beautiful products from real communities that they have built authentic relationships with.  The brand is proud to be part of the sustainable fashion world - where the utmost importance is the disruption of an industry that often times has exploited either the environment or the artisans that create the products.  Poppy + Sage is founded by husband and wife couple Robert and Carley who love to travel, and sought to get away from their corporate marketing jobs by selling unique products they found while traveling.


Poppy + Sage designs highly on-trend rattan, straw, and woven handbags, each of which are handmade on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The women artisans who create the bags are both friends and partners in the brand’s endeavor. All bags are truly a work of art - to see the creation process, the level of skill and love that goes into each individual bag is remarkable. At the moment, there are  many imitation bags that are from lesser known islands where conditions of the artisans are very unfortunate.  


Poppy + Sage is proud to give back to the communities who create the brand’s bags, and create jobs and guarantee an income for them in great conditions.  By purchasing a Poppy + Sage bag, you are truly making the world a better place for the artisan communities, for the fashion industry, and the environment.


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Kortenhoef, NL

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