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As founder of Mint & Molly, I grew up in a world where printed magazines, the art of writing and photography was the only way to communicate and visualize. During my fashion and design education I learnt all about how to create moodboards (Pinterest was invented yet ;-) and how to design a concept through images (Ripped from a magazine) and graphic design (Hand drawn as Apple was just new to the market). When I first met LFK magazine, it immediately reminded me of my life long passion for everything printed, created with love and dedication - for humans, by humans.

LFK Magazine is founded in 2015 by Yfke Metz, a creative entrepreneur with a love for photography, art and words, and is published independently four times a year, at the first day of each new season. From food, nature, interior, art to architecture and fashion, all content is made with love by photographers, art directors and writers. Sustainably made in Holland, the magazine feels just like a book you'd like to explore time and time again.

Yfke's story is quite special.

Out of shame for her appearance, she hid herself for many years. She was hurt every time she was confronted with the ideal look from people on television and in magazines. Eventually, by excepting her appearance and to acknowledge the fact she's worthy just as anybody else, she lost her shame. It was the start of LFK Magazine.

"I can clearly remember when my desire for open, human stories and beautiful, honest imagery was formed. I was waiting at the dermatology's office where I was treated for my damaged skin. Tucked away in my jacket and with my head fully wrapped in a scarf, I was browsing through a glossy magazine. With every page I turned, I felt more ugly and made me hide even more deeper into my jacket.

Before I got sick I used to read these magazines with the knowledge this was the standard norm of how people should look. At that moment, waiting at the doctor's office, it was terribly confronting and painful. In that period of my life, I was surviving, with a body that was itching 24 hours a day and I was hugely ashamed by the way I looked. What my eyes saw, wasn't the way my world looked. I didn't recognize myself in any way. On that day the seed was planted for LFK.

After a long road of recovery - in which I chose rest, simplicity and nature - my wish to speak a different language was formed. If have the need for authentic stories, there's bound to be more people out there with the same need. So I decided to give voice to my desire.

With LFK I hope to hand out and inspire, by beautiful photography and stories people can relate to. It's not my intention to rebel, just a desire to do it differently. It really lifts my spirit when I hear people say: "By reading the magazine I felt at home" or: "I'm getting hopeful as I read". On these moments I realize that my challenging life journey with all its ups and downs, was not in vain. It has brought me to what I'm doing today, a maker of a magazine with an own color and a unique voice."

LFK Magazine's edition number 11 is dedicated to the experience of Time in a world that is transitioning, all explored through the magazine's core values: Tranquillity, Simplicity and Nature. Highly recommended by Mint & Molly and perfect to read during those moments of quiet and reflection we all need every once in a while.

LFK Magazine | Edition 11 - Time

With love,

Esther - Founder of Mint & Molly

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