F. Miller Skincare Hair oil

  • Fortify | Condition | Repair

    The F. Miller skincare Hair Oil is a restorative blend of stimulating botanicals designed to protect, hydrate and nourish hair and the skin beneath it. Formulated to improve shine, softness and resilience while delivering conditioning nutrients deep into the hair follicle. A concentrated repair serum ideal for all hair types and areas: use as a soothing scalp treatment, a softening oil for beard and body hair, and a strengthening growth serum for eyebrows.

    • 30 ml.

    How to use

    1. Smooth two to four drops onto damp or dry hair, concentrating on ends and evenly distributing through to mid- lengths.
    2. For areas on the body, massage directly into hair and skin.


    • Apply as a hair masque overnight or before shampooing for a deep conditioning treatment that increases shine and hydration levels. 
    • Soften and condition hair anywhere on the body - beard, underarms, pubic area.


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