Het Zeeplokaal Soap bar | Roses and Palmarosa

Het Zeeplokaal Soap bar | Roses and Palmarosa


The Zeeplokaal handmade soap bar with roses and floral essential oils is a wonderfully luxurious soap which can be used on a daily basis.


All soaps from Zeeplokaal are plastic-free (both the packaging and the soaps themselves), palm oil-free, sulfate-free, perfume-free, animal-free and handmade from start to finish. The brand saponifies vegetable oils into high-quality soaps that are good for people and the environment. The packaging is printed at a printing company where production is climate neutral and the paper is made from FSC certified paper.

  • The Zeeplokaal rose soap bar contains pink clay, a mix between red and white clay. These are clay types that are very mild for your skin. The essential palmarosa and geranium bourbon oils give a relaxing feeling due to the floral scent. Use this handmade rose soap bar for your body, face or your hands. The rose petals give a light structure to the soap, which gives a pleasant feeling.

    Use this natural soap for your body, your face or as a durable hand soap. When used daily as a hand soap, the soap will last for about three to four months, provided the soap can dry properly. Use one of the Zeeplokaal soap holders for this.

    Soap from Zeeplokaal is vegan, not tested on animals and made with love. The brand avoids palm oil because of its impact on animals and the environment.

    If you are unsure whether to use a product with certain ingredients, consult your doctor. For example, in case of pregnancy or any specific health condition.

    Soap from Zeeplokaal is biodegradable.


    Saponified coconut oil *, saponified olive oil *, saponified sweet almond oil, saponified canola oil, water, dried rose petals, pink clay, palmarosa essential oil *, geranium bourbon essential oil * 

    * = organically produced.


    At least 130 grams.