LFK Magazine #11 - Time

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  • LFK Magazine #11 - Time

    Time comes and goes, just like the tides come and go over time. How can something so natural feel forceful and destined at the same time? Time fascinates us.

    What is the meaning of life and how do we experience it? Are we able to live life at our own pace and develop ourselves in our own chosen time? Does this phase in which we are right now reminds us about patience? Does it remind us of how to be patient felt like?

    Time is ticking away and sometimes life seems to rush by. We want to steer our own course and are well aware of every beginning and end. We want to respond to our natural time. In the here and now, which simply comes and goes.

    This passing gives us rest. We don’t have to hold on to anything. Time is space in which we are allowed to digest, contemplate and grow. There’s enough time and space.

    • Pages: 160.
    • Size: 21 x 27 cm.
    • Language: Dutch.
    • Paper: Wood free offset.
    • Finish: Sewn bound.
    • ISSN: 2543-0939

    LFK Magazine details:

    • Feels like a book.
    • No advertisement or sponsored content.
    • Own print, limited number.
    • Lots of white space and own photography.
    • Produced with sustainability.
    • At the launch of every edit, five trees are planted.
    • For LFK magazine we use Slow shipment: Your order of LFK Magazine is send twice a week with a delivery time of three to six days.


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