LFK Magazine #12 - Silence

LFK Magazine #12 - Silence



  • LFK Magazine #12 - Silence

    In this world in which we live in, silence can be a relief. Like a blanket that falls over us when day turns to night. Or when we are in nature, apart from everything that attracts and asks, where noise disappears into the background and the pristine remains. 

    But in addition to peace, silence can also cause unrest. In silence, in moments that call for words. Or in the absence of sounds that give us a sense of security. This shows that silence also has to do with listening. And that it is not just the absence of sound. 

    How does silence sound? And what does it do to us? We can practice being silent. Experience how our body relaxes and our head calms down, when we hear what is happening in and around us. What story comes in when we listen purely?

     A beautiful piece of music or the voice of a dear person, fine sounds touch our heart and take us to the familiar. They are irreplaceable and make you happy. We are quiet.

    • Pages: 160.
    • Size: 21 x 27 cm.
    • Language: Dutch.
    • Paper: Wood free offset.
    • Finish: Sewn bound.

    LFK Magazine details:

    • Feels like a book.
    • No advertisement or sponsored content.
    • Own print, limited number.
    • Lots of white space and own photography.
    • Produced with sustainability.
    • At the launch of every edit, five trees are planted.