LFK Magazine #13 - Connect

LFK Magazine #13 - Connect


LFK Magazine #13 - Verbinden


Birth and growth, death and degradation. In the cycle of life, everything and everyone is connected to each other. Plants, animals, you and me. We all breathe the same air.


Traditionally it has been a necessity that we connect, to protect each other from danger and to stand strong together. Trust plays a major role in this. From trust we can feel love, we dare to open ourselves and to be vulnerable. When this is missing, we feel alone and exposed.


Those who are well connected with themselves are better able to connect on a deeper level with others, with nature and the world around them. The more connected, the more conscious we can choose. For a relationship in which we feel loved and safe. For the good things that make you happy, that walk along the water or that nice book.


From that same consciousness we can also choose to let go of what is difficult. The job that doesn't fit, the sense of obligation or the relationship that exhausts us. Trusting that we are always connected, because nothing stands alone.


  • Pages: 160.
  • Size: 21 x 27 cm.
  • Language: Dutch.
  • Paper: Wood free offset.
  • Finish: Sewn bound.


LFK Magazine details:

  • Feels like a book.
  • No advertisement or sponsored content.
  • Own print, limited number.
  • Lots of white space and own photography.
  • Produced with sustainability.
  • At the launch of every edit, five trees are planted.
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