SMPL Sunscreen 30Spf

SMPL Sunscreen 30Spf



  • The SMPL Skin natural sunscreen is fragrance-free and contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, mango butter, aloe and vitamins E and C. This natural sunscreen is ideal for protecting your face and contains safe sun filters. Your skin is protected against the UVA and UVB.

    All SMPL Skin products are vegan and do not contain perfume or essential oils.

    • Contains: 50 ml.
    • Shelf life: Up to 6 months after opening.
    • Suitable for all skin types, including hyper-sensitive skin.

    How to use

    Use the SMPL Sunscreen as a facial sunscreen, as a body sunscreen and as a sunscreen on the face and body of our children. Apply it  as a day cream during summer. The sunscreen can be used on sensitive skin and leaves little to no white glow. Apply every two hours, especially after swimming.