• The SMPL Skin multifunctional wash, natural shampoo and natural shower gel is fragrance-free and soap-free, so that the skin is mild and cleansed while remaining soft. The wash contains nourishing and hydrating natural ingredients such as jojoba oil and black bamboo extract.

    • Cleanses & hydrates body, face, hair and hands
    • Cares for healthy skin & hair.
    • Removes make-up.
    • Gives hair a healthy look. 
    • Helps sensitive skin

    All SMPL Skin products are vegan and do not contain perfume or essential oils.

    • Contains: 300 ml.
    • Shelf life: Up to 6 months after opening.
    • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

    How to use

    Gently massage your body with the SMPL Skin Wash for a soft, supple skin. You can also use this lotion as a nourishing cream for the face. After washing, massage into the ends of the hair, leave for a while and rinse. Or as a life saver for dry hands, as often as you want. Apply to damp body, face, hair or hands, massage and remove with (warm) water.