The Beauty Archive Earthbound color cream

The Beauty Archive Earthbound color cream

  • Eyes & Cheek color cream

    A brown bronzer shade with a subtle lustre and a cream finish.

    Made of a luxurious blend of organic, vegan and natural anti-aging ingredients our color creams will protect, moisturize and enhance your skin from within while adding a gorgoues natural color to your eyes and cheek.

    Apply the product to your eyes and cheeks with the warmth of your fingers in dabbing motions. Gently blend and build up to desired finish. Keep the pot close by for quick and easy touch-ups during the day.

    The Beauty Archive’s tips:

    Earthbound is the to-go-to color for defining and warming up the face and eyes. It matches a variety of different skin tones and undertones and is a true dream to blend! You can’t go wrong with it. Can also be used on the lips where it will adapt to your lips natural colour and create different shades of brown and nudes.