Sicilian Sunday


Dutch beauty.


Sicilian Sunday is a Dutch swimwear brand, founded by Valerie Kloppers.

'It started with a photo of an Italian beach with rows of beach umbrellas. Something in the photo intrigued me. The colors of the umbrellas were bright, but also faded by the power of the sun. Day in and day out they had protected the sunbathers for decades. It was almost as if the umbrellas had lived through the heyday of the famous Mediterranean resorts and had decades of stories imbued with the now faded colors. I kept looking at the picture and fond memories (from childhood to now) came flooding in.I thought of the holidays in the south of Europe. Of the languid summers where we went out in the morning and only came back in late at night; on the warm evenings outside at a candlelit table with family and friends.

Even on an evening where we watched a falling star shower in a row in a garden with a good glass of wine in hand. Shortly after, I couldn't find a bikini and the (for me) most impossible thought occurred to me: what if I make it myself? Sicilian Sunday has become an ode to the country where I spent so much time as a child, where I learned important values ​​for life. Where Sunday is the most beautiful day of the week and eating together is the best of all.'

All products are made in a small atelier in Portugal. All fabrics come from European soil, from Italy and Spain, and the size of orders is adjusted to the meters of available fabric, so that nothing is thrown away.