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Wilma + Louise
Made with love in Sweden.


“The sun was shining, a gentle breeze was blowing in our faces and the cargo was (a little bit too) heavy. It was the first day of a perfectly normal family vacation. We had embarked on a four-week long boat journey out to sea. Expectations were high. Every year we longed for this moment, to set sail. Our best summer clothes were packed, our beautiful boat was stocked with food, beverages, and fuel. We were ready to take off on a new adventure together. But this time I was suddenly struck with another emotion. It came out of nowhere. There was something missing. As a person who loves and appreciates the beauty of things and the surroundings, and as a person who is very thorough, I suddenly realized that the towels, blankets and boat cushions onboard were pretty boring and no different from the ten boats next to us, or the hundreds boats at the next boat club, or any other boat club for that matter... That was the start of Wilma & Louise.”

We all live on the same planet and we are equally responsible for setting higher and higher demands on ourselves and continually demanding less of our planet. Wilma & Louise strive to be a sustainable partner for their customers and the brand continuously work with improvements. Wilma & Louise are very thorough in everything they do and have high demands on their suppliers, with the ambition to use organic, recycled or in other ways sustainable materials.

We curate independent makers and brands we admire from all over the world to elevate everyday life. Handpicked with love 

for simplicity, design, honesty and craftsmanship.

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